Monday, October 26, 2009

Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me!!

well, a missionary's life for me

to start i wanted to give you a quote from president's weekly email to us all--

I bring you the love, admiration and congratulations of your ongoing success from Elder Bednar of the quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Sister Hale and I had the opportunity to meet with him this last week in Orlando. He was upbeat, positive and most enthusiastic about your efforts and all that you are accomplishing. Truly you are bringing the “infusion of enthusiasm” of which President Hinckley spoke!"

it is cool to hear from the apostles that our efforts are being closely monitored by the brethern and that our success means more than just numbers, it means a new temple and perhaps Cuba being opened. we have a lot to do. but, i have learned that the impossible is not and it is so doable to really hard, insurmountable tasks that the Lord asks of us.
We had PPI's last week. i love PPI's. why did nobody ever tell me about them. it is so cool to be one on one with the president. he asked me how my two companionships have been. he gave me two different companions, one right after the other. i learn things from both of them, things that i want to improve upon and things that i really like about myself. he said good. he said that by doing those things i was becoming the best sister barros. he then told me that my next companion is going to be very different than the first two. ok, great. i think i am the sister who gets along with everyone and makes a companionship work and so i am put with those who no one wants to be with, or who have a bad rap--i hope so anyway. i don't want to be one of those annoying companions who no one likes. i don't want to leave a foul taste in anyone's mouth.
he then came out and said that i was moving. i was going to a place where there are hardly any cubans and lots of mexicans and guatemalans--he said some other things that lead me to think that i am going to go to a certain place up in the north. i told mom, just so that you know my train of thought, i'm 89% sure of my next place, and i am really excited. i will get to see the beach all the time, i will be leaving the ghetto of hialeah (which is sad. i love the people here. they are crazy funny and wierd) and i will be seeing more white people--wierd. people always stare at me because i am a white girl in hialeah. i didn't understand it at first, but i got it now. i even stare when i see a white guy walking around. i wonder how he got so lost to be here. but this new place i am going to is really touristy and it will be a lot of fun. plus, i think donald trump's house (at least one of them) will be in my new area. but we'll see. transfers are next week. i really will miss hialeah. but, i signed up for this mission, which means i will do good with anything that coes my way.

we have one baptism on saturday, which means we doubled this areas baptisms in one transfer. we also have another 6-8 people with very real and solid dates coming up in the beginning of november. it is so much fun being a missionary.

lots of love to all of you all over the world!
michayla barros

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