Monday, October 26, 2009


some pictures for your enjoyment...
one is a picture of hermana martinez and elder Bacon, my companion and an elder in our district who entered the MTC at the same time as me, making caramel apples at the fall fest last week. it was such a success--the pie eating contest was the best thing i have ever seen in my life. it felt a little like i was the mom of the birthday boy who was five, i don't liuke big productions like that, but everyone had fun and will remember it always, that's all a proud mama could ask for.
one is of my companion and i with our pumpkin in the pumpkin carving contest. i am dressed very brightly because for my costume i was an old cuban grandma. Sister martinez wore all black and i wrapped her up in fake spiderwebs. everyone dressed up, it was a lot of fun to just hang out with friends.
another picture is of our zone at ZDM last week. The faces on everyone totally shows their personalities. I love elders. they keep life interesting. the Lord knew what He was doing when he decided top send 19 year old boys out to preach the gospel. they have a different way of looking at things, they feel unstoppable and confident, and they have so much energy. i love these little elders here. they are like my little brothers and friends.
ok, and a few are of me and my companion in our mumus. i bought one so that i could be a cuban grandma, but i found out that it is waaaaaay comfy so i wear it to bed. well, companion decided that she wanted one as well. this last week we were on a scavenger hunt looking for a mumu that she liked. now we do our nightly planning in our mumus before we go to bed. they are so comfy. old grandmas get things so right sometimes.
oh, and the collage. we have an investigator getting baptized on saturday. well, he has this picture of the miami heat dancers in his room which we really really hate. (his dad just died and he has been having a hard time living alone and working two jobs, so one day we went and cleaned his house while he was at work. we saw the picture and knew something had to be done. he also had a thing of vodka--bad news. so i put a picture of Jesus on it with his hand outstretched and then i wrote "do not drink!" it looks like jesus is putting his hand out to tell saul to not partake. it was so comical for me, and he said that he threw it away because of it. job done) ok, so i decided to make him something to put in the place of the women, so i made a collage of jesus and the temples. he loves it and now it sits above his head board. job number 2, accomplished.

ok, now on to the real letter
love you

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