Monday, October 5, 2009

Put your shoulder to the wheel, push aloooong

MIs Familias across the nation,

This has been an exciting weekend for me. First, the Temple. Wow!! What a cool experience, right? I couldn't believe it. We fasted as a mission last sunday for this announcement and we have been praying mightily that we might receivev a temple. i didn't think it was possible, but we prayed as a zone sat. morning and then i felt this strong surge of power, telling me that anything is possible for the Lord, who am I to limit Him. So, I learned that lesson. and i do have to say, i have never wanted to call home more than at that moment to talk to mom and dad and say--see, the Lord really does listen and answer MY prayers. He knows me!! But, I did not, you already knew, and if not, the Lord will let you know what you needed to know, and plus, i am writing it to you now in an email (kinda like that story of the girl who knew that her brother's trap wouldn't work because after she prrayed she went and smashed it to peices.).

This weekend Hialeah West, my old area, got a baptism. It was so exciting! It was the first baptism i have been to where i helped teach the recent convert, Rafael Castillo. He is an ex JW who finally gave into the spirit and followed the example of Jesus Christ to be baptized. What a cool experiencec to see someone get baptized that felt the Spirit with you at the same moments, if that makes sense. I have discoverd the greatest feeling in the world, watching one of your progressing investigators become a recent convert. I think at that moment, when i felt that sweet and simple love, that God allowed me to feel what He feels for every one of His children. Our Heavenly Father is so merciful to allow me to have these sweet experiences "while in my youth."

This weekend coming up is going to be fantastic. We have a few baptisms scheduled for some Hondureans. Victor, Ovidio and Wilson are getting baptized on Sunday. These men are so faithful. Ovidio and Wilson came to three sessions of conference, and when i asked what they learned from it, they said that they learned "muchas cosas." I think that they loved hearing from the prophet's mouth. Ovidio even said that he loved "If ye love me, keep my commandments." IT just made sense to him. We took advantage of this sweet spirit to teach him about the Word of Wisdom, which he gladly accepted, though he really loves his cafe. These men are solid and of pure gold. I am so lucky to teach them, and i know the Spirit is there because we are both edified. I learn something new everytime we teach them.
we are also hoping that Saul, an investigator that we've had from the beginning of last transfer will also be baptized this sunday as well. But we will have to see, he is struggling a little bit in his personal life and because of this, going to see him has become difficult. but, he is good. I just have to have faith in the Lord's plan for all of His children.

The weekend after this one will also resulti n several baptisms. we are teaching all the time, with people who are solid. they come from investigator referrals. Those are the best, because then they have their own little built-in support system. It is amazing to see that planning happens throughout the day as more and more people want us to come back and help them prepare for baptism.

my new companion, sister martinez, is so much like Kacey, it is scary. It is as if Kacey has been preparing me my whole life for the six weeks of transfer. Martinez is hotheaded, stubborn, only has one way of seeing things, her way, and she doesn't mind tellingyou what she thinks, no matter the consequences (kinda like Kacey, but don't be offended. Martinez is a fantastic missionary, and a great companion, i just need some time away from her before she kills me or i kill her. i would like to imagine that that is kinda like a marriage--it's good, but not all the time, you always need some space). The new girl is super eager to do anything, and she does a lot of things that are not exactly kosher, but her trainer, my old trainer, doesn't tell her what's up. if this next transfer happens the way i think it will, she will be my companion, and i might have to clean up the mess her trunky trainer is creating. trunkiness stinks!! I pray that i never get trunky, EVER!! those missionaries just suck the life out of me. She isn't tht trunky, but she always is crying because she is going home, or talking about home, or...whatever. that is the end of my venting.

Mom--i got the package and your letter this week. note--if you send it UPS the office can't forward it to me, so it sits in the officeuntil there is a zone conference or someone from up north goes down south to my area. the best way to get it to me is through the USPS. Also, letters only take about five days to get to me, not too bad. i know it isn't as fast as we would like, but you would be surprised at how often those letters get to me at the very moment i need their messages. Ps--those of you who haven't written to me are not getting birthday cards-you know who you are. thanks for the flower press. my companion laughed at me, but she doesn't know the power that little press has, and the miraculous things i can now create-mwahahaha.
i was wondering if you could e-mail me dad's e-mail address. i thought i was sending him stuff, buti am getting no response to my personal email;s i am sending him. i need it fast!
this is a good work, it is fun, challenging, exhausting, but good and fun. It is amazing what the Lord trusts us with, but it is also so cool to see how He molds and refines us,, in order to move His work forward. I just feel so lucky to be here at this time to "put my shoulder to the wheel. the Lord has need for willing hands" and my heart is willing. It is amazing to see that when we are willing and trust in the Lord, miracles happen, not because of anything i do, other than my obedience, but because of the converting power of the Spirit.

Can't wait til Zone Conference this friday, it's going to be good. I was wondering if the return missionaries would write me a note of what they feel is the most important thing they learned whiel on the missions and some advice for me. i would love that so much because i love you so much and i would treasure and value your experience and wisdom (did i butter you up enough?)
the church is true. The book of Mormon truly is the word of God. I love that I get to testify of this everyday. Teaching people is the best thing ever, especially when you are teaching so much that you are never tracting--good news! Love you all.

Hermana Barros

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