Friday, October 23, 2009

the job's a game!! (p.s., the pictures are reversed)

some more pictures for you--

the first two are of our cuban bread. for $1.25 we can buy a big loaf of bread that is longer than my whole arm that is better than french bread. these are the ingrdients on the label, in this order
1. water
2. Flour
3. Lard (this is the key--tasty stuff lard)
4. yeast
5. salt

yes, that is it, and it is so gooooooooood. we buy it at the bakery so it is nice and fluffy and warm and makes our car smell like a bakery. i wish i could send you some, it is that good.

the next one is a dollar discount store, which has many many cousins all over the place. and they al have signs in such horrendous spanglish. it keeps it interesting. once there was a sign that said "sandwishes". i though i took a picture of it, but i can't find it now.

the one with the dogs--this is around the place where we turned left and found that family. ok, look at the sign. it says beware of the dog. there are a few things wrong with that sign. first, there is more than one dog there. second, they are not doing anything but staring at us. plus, they are not even a foot tall. not very intimidating. i just that it was so comical and that you might enjoy it as much as i did.

oh, and lastly, they name their busses. i thought you would like to see what i mean.

anyway. Florida always provides something new to look and and laugh about. i have met some of the craziest people ever! and i have walked in some of the oddest places too-but it is all good. i'm a missionary. if i didn't meet weird people it wouldn't be the same.

oh, and dad-i use a blanket every night. we have to keep our air on and the highest it can go is 75 degrees so that we don't get mold. it gets very cold at night. but, oddly, it has been chilly outside (well, for the past two days) it has been getting into the sixties. so, when we walk into our apartment it feels warm, which is odd. plus, we need a sweater to keep warm in the eveningins (the past two evenings). it won't last forever, it is too good to be true.

love you both tons and tons. if you want, send the pictures and everything else to my fan club throughout the US.


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