Monday, October 5, 2009

Let it be or Letter B

The work is truly progressing. Yesterday we had two confirmations, one from our area and then one from the elder's. This week we have one batism scheduled, Saul, from Bolivia. He is ready for baptism, his heart is pure. I have only met with him a couple of times, but he is pretty cool. then on October 11th, something amazing happens, we have five baptisms scheduled. They are all men from Honduras. This is a fun story. A few transfers ago, Sister Green and Sister Martinez baptized a cool man, Antonio, from Honduras. His son moved in with him, and Antonio told him that he could only live there if he took the missionary discussions. That was the man who just got confirmed yesterday, Franklin. These two amazing men have since invited one or two of their friends to come to church/baptism, Wilson and Ever. When we get ahold of them and then teach them, these new investigators invite their friends, Victor and Arturo, all of whom accept the gospel and baptismal dates after the first lesson. They are like a clown car full of ready Hodureans each inviting someone of their own, Joaquin, Jose and Manuel. It is perfect, they find, we teach and baptize. they are solid. It is so much fun to be a part of this miraculous work. These men are so much fun. Ok, then my trainer and I contacted a man from Honduras about a month ago, Ovidio. When we went to teaach him we found out that he lives in the same little complex as the other men and that he is roommates with Arturo. Apparently honduras is ready to be baptized. They just are so cool. Yesterday in Elder's Quorum, we were invited for a special missionary focus exercise. we came in and found that the quorum was divided by missionary areas. Hna Martinez's and my area were full of two recent converts and five investigators. Our efforts almost doubled the size of our Elder's quorum. It is so much fun to see them progress. Then, we went and visited some of them after church and one of them, who i doubted a little bit, was really really excited to be baptized and the other just kept talking about how our church is different and how he likes it so much. he loves the church. His name is Wilson, he looks just like, and he even sounds like, Morgan Freeman. He dresses like a cowboy. he is so cool, so willing to give up his much loved coffee because, "if i pray, then Jesus will help me" Solid testimony! I love Honduras!!! and i love Baleadas--a Honduraen food that is like a very very good quesadilla. I wish i could go to Honduras. That is now on my to-do list. I think that these men are ready beause they will go back to Honduras one daya and share the gospel with their families there and because there is a temple being built in their country. miraculous things happen when a temple is being built.

Hermana Martinez is a great companion. She lets me figure things out on my own and she just is great! She is a little rough around the edges, says things just like they are, and she always speaks her mind, which is good for me becauswe it is causing me to have thick skin. She also lets me say what i need to say when i need to say it, and the Spanish just comes. I thought that this transfer was going to be just like it became (did that make sense), so i have been worried a bit about Hna. Martinez, but she and i have learned to get along and find success. We met all of our goals, and even over-exceeded them this week. We don't know how that was done, because we were far behind on Thursday night, but then the Lord stepped in, because we didn't know what to do on our own, and then the goals got done. He loves us so much, and because we are His servants and we are on His errand, he steps in and provides. That is cool to see. I'm glad that i get to stay here in Hialeah. I just got to know the members, so it is great to be here for a while longer and work with them. Some were sad that i am no longer the missionary in their area, which is sweet to hear, but they'll be okay. I'll miss them too, but i'm still here. This is just a step, or a baby step, to how it will feel when i leave the area for good. But, that won't be for a bit. If i am correct about next transfer, like i was this transfer, i willbe staying here, but going back to my old area and finish training my trainer's greenie. She is full of energy, and very different than me, kinda annoying, but she is trying her hardest. So, if that is to be, then, let it be-eeeee. I might be here in Hialeah til after Christmas, which is just fine by me, at least right now anyway. Talking about the members, though they are hard to get to do things, i think that with time, and the energy of the missionaries here and our efforts and energy, Hialeah Ward will get back into action and work harder to find friends/family who are ready to hear and accept the gospel. this will increase as we get a temple here too, just like Honduras.

This is a fun fun time to be here, i'm glad to have this sweet opportunity to share my testimony and invite all to come to Christ and be baptized. Hialeah is a great place, and with the members help, we will be able to see tremendous success. The Lord blesses our lives in ways that seem impossible, but with our hearts and our efforts in the right place, He provides. I know that now more than ever before in my life. The Lord is good to me to let me have this experience, to serve Him and HIs children for this brief time, in a wonderful (and hot) place like South Florida.
Ok, I guess you get a testimony today, but since I share it with everyone I meet, why not you too?!!?

Love love love you all...
Tara and Sarah, thank you so much for the letters and pictures. They go with me everywhere, and they are a great resource to contacting others. Those two little ones are growing up sooooo fast and your lives are moving forward. The Lord loves you, I see it in your letters and in the little blessings you tell me about. You are two very special women, the boys were smart to marry you two, plus the babies are so much cuter than normal Barroses. Keep going, you can do it!!! And you will find that the hard things now will produce some of the sweetest fruits later. And sometimes we have to wait for the best thing to come, though a lot of good things are passing in front of our eyes and they look really good, the best will come and then you will see the Lord's hand and how His timinng is perfect. I wish i could talk to you two on the phone, but that will have to wait until Christams, if you even are at Madera for Christmas. You're great!! Keep being awesome!
Kacey, you had better write me a letter or I will disown you--not lying. Do or die.
Tori, school is great, hard, but great. keep having fun, don't let kacey take over too much, and have fun when the snow hits, in about...3 weeks. gotta love the 'burg.
Kit--BE GOOD. being good does not mean submitting to someone else's will, it just means that you have self control. Self control is good, it is the reason we are here on this earth, and the perfect example of self-control is Jesus. He had it pretty hard, and people were really really mean to him, but he was always in control of himself. You can do it too, if you ask for divine help through the atonement.
joe--I love you. You had better write to me soon or you won't get any letters from me or my kids when you go out and serve a mission. no, i will, but i would love to hear from you. You are a great boy! Keep trying hard, and be good. help others be good too, which sometimes means just keeping your mouth shut and letting them do what they want. you don't have to join them, agree with them, or anything but just keep ing your mouth shut.
Dustin and Brandon--you are my best friends, besides your wives and mom. you are amazing, and i am so lucky to have big brothers. keep going and doing your best. there is one thing that i have learned out here and that is the lord blesses His missionaries, before, during and after their missions. so, if you live worthy of blessings, or even miracles, you will receive blessings and miracles.
Dad--you are so awesome. Do good, and breathe deeply (as in, don't be too stressed out). You're a good dad and a wonderful man. Rely on that, along with the atonement and you will be blessed. you bless others with your wonderful love and personality. I am so glad that i have a dad like you, who always encouraged me to do everything i wanted to, or didn't want to do, but which was good for me--like this mission thing.
and Mom--i'll write you a little e-mail right now. so, don't feel jipped.

love you all. if you don't get any personal mail it is because i am so busy and sometimes a nap once a week is more important than writing a pathetic little note. i love you all, but there is just no time.

love love love
Hermana Barros

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