Tuesday, March 9, 2010

takin' care of business, it's okay

This week has been so busy and it is only going to get busier... But I love being busy as a missionary. If you're not busy then you have to knock some doors, and that is never much fun because your rejection level just grew exponentially.

First, yesterday we did those fun unifying games that we did in Zone Conference with our auxiliary leaders, who hardly showed up, the bums!!! But those who did show up got the point and now want us to do it with everyone. It started a fire within them, which is what we wanted in the first place. But it was good. The are some good changes in the ward that we are seeing. That is a good feeling to know that that is all getting back into to order. I have really gone to love this ward. it was hard at first, really hard because of this missionary who came before me and kinda coddled the members in a fake form of unity. then the ward just collapsed, like Zarahemla right before Christ came again, or actually, more like the Nephites at the end of the Book of Mormon, the secret combinations were their downfall. this ward's downfall is gossip. With all of the terrmotos in the world right now you would think that the members would wake up and stop the gossipping and spend their time getting their food storage all in order, but no. they are too busy about what "what's her face" said or did and look at what she is wearing. i think that members of the church have two great problems that prevent us from creating Zion within our wards/units. the first one is complacency. Not all is well in Zion. we get fat and lazy and we start to purr--satan is good. he knows our weaknesses and mostly our lazinesses. do not be lukewarm or you will be like that scripture in Revelation, God will spew us out of His mouth those that are lukewarm. The second is the things we put directly in our view that are just complete and utter time wasters. we waste so much of our time, our greatest resource, in the vain attempt to secure for ourselves those things which moth and rust doth corrupt. stop wasting your time people!!! WoW!! I am a bit on the pulpit pounding side of things. just look at the pictures i sent, that will show you my lighter side. oh, and who is soo excited for General Conference in less than a month?!?!?! ME ME ME!!! It is going to be good.

Autn:reference - http://scriptures.lds.org/dc/84/88#88

Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.

Tonight we have a baptism, Julisa. She was not very excited to be baptized, especially with a second interview “looming” over her head. But…after her time with President Acevedo, she was jumping off the wall, saying “he approved me to get baptized!” So, tonight we are going to have a great baptismal service. Elder Wardle is going to sing for the musical number. I didn’t know he could sing, I don’t think he knew he could sing either, but now we all know, the secret is out, and of course, I am going to utilize his little hidden talent.

Also, on Thursday we have another baptism. This is a guy who is less active, trying to come back into the church, and in his efforts they have discovered that his records do not exist. So, without a service, we are going to have another baptism on Thursday. My new companion and I will be teaching a lot in the first few days of her mission, which is what I wanted to have for her. I wanted her to be able to get out and teach the people as soon as possible because that is what I wanted when I got out into the field. I wanted to go and teach and talk to people and be a missionary. So, tomorrow, after some music practice, we are going out and teaching a whole lot of lessons. It is going to be a great day. I am soooooo excited! I am so ready for this, or so I think. I know that I might run into things that will test and try me, but I have learned some survival skills that will help me out through those little bumps and bruises. Nothing much else is happening. I am going to miss Sister Miller—it has been 6 months, poor thing doesn’t even kno0w her mission without me, but times come and go, and we’ll see each other later.

love love love love love

Hna. Barros

some items of business.

1. Tori--the EFY CD from 2009, i don't know what it is called, but it is so good. anyway, number 10 is my favorite. could you look it up and tell me who the singer is. i need to know his name. he sounds like a little more countrified version of damien rice. and, if you want to help a sister out, could you look up if he has any CD's out and then buy it for me and then send it to me???? please please please. i have wnated his CD for forever and now is my chance. please help me out!!

2. The ppictures are for your entertainment. When a sister turns 9 on the mission, or halfway, they take a pregnancy picture. here is acouple of them from my photo shoot. also, in the mission, when you train they call the trainee your "daughter" and you the "mom". ironically, i become a "mom" exactly when i turn 9. when i found this little bit of information out, from my companion, i laughed and laughed. anyway, enjoy. also, there are some pictures of the people i love the most here in Hollywood.

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