Monday, March 22, 2010

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My letter to president--didn't have time for more. but mom has pictures--have fun

Hey President,

Another, unprecedented week here in Hollywood Hills. I know you said that I would be training, but I think you are highly mistaken, because she is fantastic and I believe that she is training me!!!! When we talked about improvements or what she expects out of this transfer, and her whole mission, so that I could help her lay a solid foundation, she surprised me by saying some of the same things I want out of my mission. We both want to work with the Spirit. It is so cool working with someone who wants to work with the Spirit. She is so loving as well…what a sweet, inspiring and loving companion I have. I’m so lucky!! And she is doing fantastically. Her Spanish is not too shabby either, and her comprehension level is pretty high. She is so sharp!! I feel so blessed to be her companion, she is so good, so good. Though again I say, I don’t really feel like I am training her. I am more like showing her the hows and whats of missionary work, like this is the area book, and this is a progress record. She has got everything else. So cool!!! So COOL!!

Enough exclamation marks. We are both excited to go to Zone conference. We have been preparing ourselves for it as a companionship. We are coming to have our plate be filled and truly feast on the Lord’s word. Missionary work is exciting and challenging and fun. I can’t believe that I have been called to serve a mission here in the greatest mission ever, no quotation marks needed, among the greatest missionaries ever.

As for Hollywood Hills, I have had many thoughts relating to this area. The members need to become more involved and there needs to be no disconnect between the members and the missionaries, because in all honesty, missionaries are members too, just with a special calling to proselyte more. Hna. Hebdon and I are going to work really hard to get to know all of our members and get this ward in to gear. It is high time, and with a new fresh outlook on the work, this ward is in for a real treat. Member work is key. So we’ll keep you updated on all of that as time goes on.

That’s it for now,

Have a great week

Hermana Barros

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