Monday, January 11, 2010

Picture time!

picture time--ok, so there are some pictures of the nasty pig that the cuban family was cutting up and preparing for chirstmas. i thought you would enjoy it. Then there is a picture with just me and an elder. ok, stroy time...this elder's name is Elder Hirschi. he was one of my EFY kids. he tells everyone that, so eveyone thinks i am anciant on the mission. so, in response to his propaganda, i tell everyone that he hasn't changed much since he was in high school. but, i do remember that he was one of my favorites because he is so down to earth and so stinkin' funny. then there is a picture of hna martinez and i with elder keeler, the one with the glasses (the one that wanted to sit next me at christmas conference) and elder bacon, who is now my disctrict leader. he, hna miller and i where in hialeah together, now we are in hollywood together. its kinda fun. when he becomes AP, i am going to take over the world.

ok, then there is a picture of me with a member, who we have nicknamed "elder" torsac. he makes us food for after our ZDM's and DDM's. he is a cool old man who just happens to own the most ghetto suits. so, of course i needed a picture. and then there is one of Oswaldo, a recent convert. this kid is crazt and funny. this is a pictue of us reading each other's minds, which he thinks i really can do. anyway--disfruten!!

love, me

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