Friday, September 11, 2009

last email from the MTC

ok, first, the business...

1.i need phone numbers because i get to call home on tues when i am in the airport. my flight leaves at 7 in the morning that day. i was going to call the east coast, aka Brandon and Sarah and then p-town usa, aka Dustin and Tara around 5 or 6. so, i need those numbers. i know its early, but i am calling you anyway, bwhahahahahaha. then, i have a layover in atlanta at around 1 to 3, so i was going to call CA at this time. ps, these times are in the time zones of the areas, so just be there when i call. so, if i could get those numbers dear eldered to me, that would be great, unless you don't want phone calls, then i will call home and talk to dad that early, because i know that he is up at that tim eof the morning. but i am calling home, i am i am.

2. i was wondering if anyone has been watching my banking accounts and making sure everything is being taken care of? also, could you put some money in there so that i could pay for my luggage, a new red skirt (i need it!!) and some new garments?

3. i am sending two packages-one is going to dustin and tara with instructions inside the package. and the other is going home. you can just put the whole box in storage if you want. it is full of letters and memorabilia that i just don't want to take around florida with me so they are going home.

i think that's it.

my companion had surgery yesterday, so she got to call her family twice, which made me a little homesick because, know. so, that is why i sound a little harsh about the calling thing. i just miss you all and i won't be able to do this again until Christmas!!! anyway.

my legis doing sooooo good now that i have a physical therapist. once, while i was waiting for the shuttle, i ran into an older lady from Guatemala, who was so sweet and only spoke spanish. she and i chatted it up and then, at the very end, she told me i had a beautiful accent. i told her she had a beautiful soul for lying to me about that. she laughed at that and then told me to tenga un buen dia. i did! i can't wait to get out into the real world and chat it up in spanish and find those escogidos. i have, though, noticed that i had it really good here at the MTC. i didn't know how good i had it. i got a gym to work out at almost everyday, i got to go to the temple oncew a week, i got to socially interact with other missionaries so much everyday, and i didn't have to do dishes. so, in other words, i am going to miss the MTC, but only a little bit because i am sick of the food and the fake scenarios. i want to get out and teach real people and testify to those who have never heard my message before and feel the spirit on behalf of those i am serving. i am ready and waiting anxiously for this moment. this week is going to fly by, if two of the elders don't kill each other in the process, and some of us learn how to focus when all we want to do is pack and talk about our missions--it is just too exciting.
> i know the church is true. yo sé que esta obra es la obra de Dios y es un milagro. Yo sé jesucristo es nuestro redentor y Él es el Cordero de Dios. José Smith es un profeta de Dios y tenemos un profeta hoy, se llamo Thomas S. Monson. El sacerdocio, o el poder de Dios es en la tierra otra vez. Dios nos ama y quiere que oramos sinceramente cada día. Él sabe todas cosas y todas personas. no necesitamos tener fe cuando el Señor es en nuestro lado. Esat iglesia es de Él. Yo sé estas palabras son verdaderas. Digo estas cosas con amor en mi corazón para todos ustedes. Ustedes son mi familia y mis amigos favoritos.

con mucho amor,

h. barros

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