Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Week Two

So, i am here again writting another letter on the end of the second week. and, the shift key doesn't work, so i am not being blasphemous, just unable to capitalize or exclimate ( i have also lost the small ability i once had to spell. i mean spanish is amazing--phoenetics. english just tries to make everything difficult, like an engglish major). i know it is probably bad to count down the weeks, but everyone at the ccm does it. i mean, we all count down to el diรก del campo de misional. everytime we watch or hear something inspirational or motivational we all get really excited to go out and teach the gospel in our areas. but we all have to wait--its like doctrine and covenants 11:21--obtain my word then preach it. this is always apparent when we have to teach in the trc. we do good, but we need more practice. it is good to know that you get a trainer out in the field--not two greenies thrown together to figure it out on their own.
so, yes, we taugh in the trc with volunteers who pretend to be investigators. we did okay. then we taught again that night (this was saturday). we keep being taught to give the conditional baptisimal commitment but it feels so hard to get to after the first lesson. well, yesterday, my companions and i did it. we commited our "investigadores" to baptism. it is not a firm commitment, but one in which we ask if what they read is true and they know that the church is true, would they be baptised. of course the elders that we were teaching said yes, so it felt a little fake, but we still got really excited. i mean, it was our first commitment to baptism, even if it was fake. and i have decided that i don't mind the play-acting. the spirit is so strong no matter the activity level of our "investigadores". as missionaries we are called to invite all to come to christ, so that means everyone, including the fake investigators.
the spirit is so strong i sometimes forget that it is here because it is a constant feeling. but whenever we teach the spirit just bam hits you square in your chest and testifies that what we are saying is true. it is also fun to be the "investigator". apparently we are really hard to tech--we ask too many hard questions and are too hard hearted. but i have decided that if a missionary invites the spirit from the beginning and teaches with respect, the spirit testifies and we become easier to teach. without the spirit we are nothing as missionaries. we are the preachers the spirit is the teacher. when we testify the spirit is able to peirce their hearts. that is one of the most important thing i have been taught this week. i also have been thinking about christ and his ability to love all. how does he do it? i have been thinking about that a lot and i have found myself praying, in a mixed version of english and spanish, that i might be able to have a ,little bit of that love so that i might be able to be used as an instrument in his hands. love is one of the quickest ways to invite the spirit.
this week is mission president week, so i should run into some pretty cool general authorities. but it is bad because we don't get to use all the gym. gym time is a happy time because it is out of our little prison cell of a classroom. also, the temple is closed for the next two weeks--p-days are very empty, which means nap time (reposar?)
se amo. please write back. my district doesn't believe you actually exsist.
hermana barros

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